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Dust Suppression

Discover our range of eco-friendly, mobile, free-standing dust suppression solutions for use in the mining, quarrying, construction and demolition industries right here.


Pilot Crushtec International (Pty) Ltd supplies cost-effective, environmentally friendly, mobile, freestanding dust suppression solutions. The Generac Mobile DF Ecology range comprises of innovatively designed tow-behind Dust Fighter units. The range has been developed in conjunction with world-leading construction companies and demolition contractors, and is designed to cover different sized areas with atomised water. It is an ideal dust suppression solution for use in the mining, quarrying, construction and demolition industries.

The Generac Mobile DF Ecology range is equipped with a crown of nozzles, which creates atomised water particles while the airflow, generated by a fan, transports the particles into the operation area. These ultra-fine water particles (suspended fog) join with airborne dust particles, increasing the weight of the dust particles, causing them to fall to the ground.

Our dust suppression solutions offer ready-to-run, versatile dust suppression units with instant set-up time, ensuring that our customers can control airborne dust immediately. The micro-particle water produced by the Dust Fighter is the ideal solution to reduce dust in the air. They are cost-effective as they save installation costs and time, and offer quick and easy reconfiguration for changing dust suppression requirements. Our dust suppression solutions will not only transform working conditions on site, but will assist operators in complying with impending legislation relating to dust control.

To get up and running and to start generating revenue quickly, add Pilot Crushtec International’s dust suppression solutions to your processing plant. Contact us for more detailed information.