The Pilot RapidScreen system is a unique, versatile, self cleaning screening media for vibrating screens to provide high capacity separation in all conditions and diverse applications. The RapidScreen system is easy to fit and ready to run, designed to fit any inclined screen for screening wet, sticky or abrasive materials.

This unique product consists of an assembly of cascading pins mounted into clamping blocks (rod blocks) fitted into cross members (rod block holders). This assembly is designed to fit almost all inclined vibrating screens to separate wet, sticky and tough to screen materials. This versatile screening media provides huge increases in throughput capacity.

Replaceable steel pins are fitted into steel or HDPE rod blocks at apertures to suit requirements. These rod blocks are then fitted into cross members or rod block holders and are quickly and easily locked into position. The cross members or rod block holders are bolted into an assembly which is then fitted into the inclined vibrating screen. The cross members or rod block holders can be independently adjusted to increase or decrease the incline angle of the steel pins thereby speeding up or slowing down the flow of material over the screen. The cross members or rod block holders are fitted at positions so that the pins overlap each other to create a cascading effect.


Quick replacement time for worn rod blocks:

Step 1: Simply release the rod block from the rod block holder by un-tightening 3 or 4 bolts. Fit a new rod block and tighten the bolts.
Step 2: Using a new steel pin knock the worn pin out of the rod block holder until the new pin is in position.

Replace only worn pins, no need to replace an entire mesh screen
Low cost of replacement pins and rod blocks
Self-cleaning – no cross wires, nothing for tough, sticky, dirty material to get blocked on
Rod blocks with varying aperture sizes can be stocked and fitted quickly to suit changing product size requirements
Reduced downtime – replace only worn areas using simple tools
Divagating action of the pins shakes off dirt, keeping the deck clean at all times
No pegging, so no blocked screens