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Crushtec Chronicle – Transforming your business with the flick of a switch

The introduction of the Tower Light range of transportable lighting towers has to be one of our best success stories.

Sales of these versatile units have already topped the 100 mark and are certain to reach even greater heights following the introduction of two new models, the static TF5.5 and the wheeled ML5.

Director sales Graham Kleinhans believes these will add significant value to almost any operation, quite literally at the flick of a switch.

“Our existing products have won instant acceptance from customers engaged in large scale operations. The ability to work on projects like road construction, infrastructure development and mining rehabilitation at night has had a very positive effect on their bottom lines. Our new additions are intended to provide much-needed illumination solutions for smaller working areas at entry level prices.”

The TF5.5 provides operators with four 500W halogen floodlights mounted on a telescopic mast which can extend to a height of 5.5 metres. The tripod-mounted unit is impressively powerful, able to light an area of 625m² (20 lux average) from either genset or mains power.

It is also easily transportable and, weighing in at only 64 kilograms, makes it a classic ‘plug in and play’ product which can be used when and where circumstances dictate.

Its bigger brother, the Tower Light ML5, is equipped with a Yanmar 5kVA generator that powers four 400W metal halide lamps that can easily illuminate an area of up to 1,600m² (20 lux average). The fuel efficient motor consumes a mere 20 litres of diesel over a 30-hour period, which means that its operating costs in relation to gains in productivity are negligible.

While the ML5 has to be truck transported to operational locations, the generator tower and lights are mounted on a wheeled chassis guaranteeing ease of movement once the self-contained product arrives on site.

A complete set of Tower Light products is available for demonstration purposes at our Jet Park premises.

“We haven’t come across a single Tower Light operator who hasn’t reported the double gains of an increase in output coupled with a drastic reduction in downtime. One of the major reasons why operators resist night time work is that major breakdowns usually occur in the dark. By their very nature, crushing and screening machines need ongoing personal management and a Tower Light system allows for constant supervision, irrespective of the time or weather conditions.”

They also represent a major advance in operator safety.

Graham adds that inventive operators working at remote sites have used Tower Light generators to power air conditioners, computers, faxes, fridges and microwave ovens during daylight hours.

Specifications at a glance

Blog-thumbnail-TF5-5 extended sml (1)


  • 5.5 metre tower height
  • Four x 500W halogen floodlights
  • Telescopic mast with manual winch and autobraking system
  • Certified stable in winds of up to 80kph
  • Adjustable tripod to aid stability
  • Can illuminate an area of up to 625m²
Blog-thumbnail-ML-5 extended sml


  • 5.5 metre tower height
  • Four x 400W metal halide floodlights
  • Telescopic mast with manual winch and autobraking system
  • Yanmar diesel engine delivering 5.8HP @ 3000rpm
  • 20 litre fuel tank
  • Certified stable in winds of up to 80kph
  • Wheeled chassis with wide steering angle and safety brake