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Crushtec Chronicle – Pilot Talk 2015

I am proud to introduce myself to you as the new national sales manager of Pilot Crushtec International. I am 45 years of age, and have been involved with the supply of capital equipment my entire working career, mostly to the mining industry, both locally and across our borders into Africa. I’ve also had the opportunity to have worked and lived in Zambia for six years on the Copperbelt.

Currently, the markets are depressed, the rand is weakening daily and trading conditions are very challenging for all markets. Is the cup half full, or half empty? I suppose that is up to the attitude of each and every one of us to decide that.

I am blessed to have been involved with very well-known, large companies in the manufacturing and supply of industrial equipment. The only constant is change, and that goes for the smaller and larger companies alike. One thing that I have realised, is the ability of successful companies to change with the times.

At Pilot Crushtec we have the ability to identify a required change, and implement it within a very short time period. We are constantly driving the “value proposition” to our customers, and believe that this has allowed us to build a great company over the last 25 years.

We are continuously adapting to the conditions, and are working hard to always offer our customers the best technical solution, at the best delivery times, at the most affordable terms. We have a fantastic team of people that are relentless in their efforts to offer our customers the best service in the industry.

I am very excited and proud to have the leadership of Sandro Scherf (CEO), and embrace his very high work ethics and integrity. In these difficult times, we are pulling together as a team, and identifying alternatives to add to our existing product offerings. We are embracing the tides of change, and believe that we will be well prepared as a company for when the markets start to improve.

Hopefully, very soon, I would have had the pleasure and privilege to have met most of our customers and understand their business and operational requirements whilst identifying where Pilot Crushtec can contribute through our value offerings.