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The Importance of Choke Feeding a Cone Crusher

(Applies to the Sandvik Cone Crushers UD211, QH331, QH440, US440 and UH440)

It is very important to choke feed your cone crusher to ensure even liner wear and thereby extending the life of the liners. This will also ensure that the machine will run smoother and increase your quality of product and production rate.

A cone crusher that is under fed causes the cone to be overloaded, causing concentrated wear of the bowl and mantle liners. Overloading of the crusher by incorrect feed material can also cause damage to the crusher’s internal bushing.

What are the benefits of choke feeding a cone?

  • Extends the life of the liners as the material covers most of the liner and doesn’t concentrate the wear in one area of the liner
  • Improved quality and consistency of the product produced
  • Better autogenous (rock on rock) crushing occurs when the chamber is full
  • Improves the production rate through the crusher
  • Prevents overload and surges

How to choke feed a cone?

  • The material in the crushing chamber should be just over the top of the spider frame. The crushing chamber should be kept full by regulating the feed rate into the crusher. Adjust the level sensor to maintain the height of the material in the chamber; the sensor will start and stop the feeder accordingly.
  • Changes to the CSS (close side setting) as well as the crusher eccentric throw affect the volume of material in the crushing chamber.
  • Unique to Sandvik cones, is that the crusher eccentric throw can be adjusted without replacement of any internal parts.