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Spare Parts for Your Mining Operation

Balancing operating costs with inventory

Running and maintaining a successful plant requires a well-stocked spare parts inventory.
There’s no dispute around the importance of available parts, when and where you need them, so why don’t more plant managers insure that there is a constant supply of stock to keep operations running smoothly?

The simple answer is that strict operational budgets are often the biggest hindrance when it comes to buying and storing spare parts. Productivity, in relation to output, is one of the biggest challenges we face in this industTry, which means “non-essential” contingency plans can fall by the wayside. While there’s no harm in prioritising essential resources and delivery,it’s important to realise that when you’re low on crusher parts, for example, it can affect other facets of your operation.

The problem: There is always risk to manage

In the event that you don’t have the parts you need, your operation will come to a grinding halt, costing you time and money. Even with expedited delivery, you could be subject to a waiting time of up to three days. However, when budget is crucial for so many other parts of your operation, how do you mitigate this risk?

•Develop a predictive strategy over a reactive one. One of the most important aspects of risk management is the calculated approach to planning. While reacting to an
emergency situation can seem like a cost-saving option, this is rarely the case, as you’ve likely already experienced. Educated predictions will give you the upper-hand in
holding the right amount of stock and replacement parts.

•Determine which parts are most likely to need replacing, and start there. Identify items as critical to the operation and critical to machinery – and segment others as
non-critical. Then fill your inventory as the opportunities arise. The best way to do this is to keep a log of instances where you’ve needed parts and what the reasoning
behind this was.

•Establish firm relationships within the supply chain. One of the biggest delays in receiving stock, comes from obstacles in the supply chain. This can be both internal or

•Audit the efficacy of your own process and establish firm relationships with other stakeholders, in order to form a collaborative effort. A supportive and effective spare
parts provider will have a good knowledge of your industry and can help you keep tabs on when last you purchased stock.

•Balancing operating costs with inventory requires monitoring incidences and need, and establishing educated predictions and relationships with spare parts providers. At
Pilot Crushtec, we’re here to support you in this process. Contact us or use our Quick Enquiry form, on the right, to find out more about our used parts offering – and how
we can assist you in stocking your inventory.

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