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Setting up your mobile machine

The setup of a mobile crusher is the first and most important step before starting your crushing operation. Incorrect setup is unsafe and can cause extensive damage to your mobile crusher. A crusher that is not setup correctly, will vibrate excessively and is prone to cracking in the chassis, walkways, handrails and guards. The excessive vibration also causes damage to the crusher mounting pads as well as electrical components. All of this causes unnecessary downtime and expensive repair bills.

The ground on which the crusher is to be setup must be level, solid and compacted. Do not use blasted material for the crusher pad. If necessary use crushed rock which is then levelled and compacted.  The ground must be capable of carrying the weight of the crusher.

Always follow your crusher manufacturer’s guidelines in operating and setting up your crusher.  Once the crusher is on the pad, check that it is level to within 2 degrees left to right and 2 degrees front to back. Where fitted, lower the stabiliser legs until they rest on the solid ground. The stabiliser legs are not there to support the full weight of the machine while crushing. The weight of the machine must still be carried over the entire length of the crawler tracks with the stabiliser legs giving further support.

When the crusher is in operation, check regularly for excessive vibration or movement of the crusher or chassis. Should the ground give way or subside under the tracks or stabiliser legs, the crusher needs to be taken off the pad, the ground levelled and compacted again.

A crusher that is setup correctly, will extend the life of the major components and give the sophisticated electronics the best chance of operating trouble free.