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Pilot Modular washing plant transforms Western Cape operation

A Western Cape province building materials supplier has more than doubled its output following the purchase of a complete Pilot Modular sand washing plant, sold through Pilot Crushtec International’s distributor, Innovexx.

The customer was looking to increase production to meet demand from the local construction industry and contacted South African crushing and screening specialist Pilot Crushtec International for advice.

“The existing plant was capable of producing 20 tonnes per hour when in actual fact double that amount was needed to meet customer needs. What the client was looking for was a simple, cost-effective and productive solution that could be implemented with a minimum of delay,” says national sales manager Nicolan Govender.

Govender, together with representatives from Innovexx, promptly visited the site to determine operating conditions before making recommendations.

“We collected samples of raw sand and washed material produced to correct size and specification that were flown to Johannesburg for analysis by our technical team. A ‘before and after’ examination of the specimens enabled us to make an informed decision concerning the correct equipment to meet the customer’s needs.”

The selection has proven to be very much to the customer’s advantage. Not only can the plant produce the original 0-2mm product in substantially increased volumes, it has the ability to produce two additional products, 2mm-6mm and 6-10mm.

One of the pillars of the Pilot Modular concept is immediacy of supply, something which enabled Innovexx to oversee the arrival, installation and commissioning of the equipment within a couple of weeks.

“The plant was fully up and running within seven days of arrival and has already exceeded expectations with output approaching 60 tonnes per hour of a very saleable product,” says Innovexx director Alessandro Scherf.

He adds that a further efficiency is already under discussion – the addition of a skid mounted impact crusher to process oversize fines which will then be reintroduced to the material washer. This would position the customer as the sole operation in the Western Cape with ownership of a full sand washing plant and sand crusher operating in a single product train.

The Pilot Modular plant, which has more than doubled productivity and expanded the range of saleable products, comprises:

  • A GFH560 feed hopper
  • FMW3625 material washer
  • DD3615 wet double deck screen
  • DWS2412 dewatering screen
  • MC600 16m conveyor
  • 2xMC600 13m conveyor
  • MC600 10m conveyor