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New models brighten TowerLights appeal

One of Pilot Crushtec International’s most recent success stories has been the introduction of the TowerLight range of semi-mobile and mobile lighting towers.

Sales have long passed the 100 mark and are likely to accelerate further with the introduction of two new models, the static TF5.5 and the wheeled ML-5.

Based on comments from the field, Pilot Crushtec International director sales Graham Kleinhans is confident that these new additions will add significant value to medium and smaller scale operations, literally at the push of a button.

“The current range of TowerLight products has gained instant recognition and acceptance from customers involved in large scale operations. Their ability to work around the clock on civils and construction projects or mine rehabilitation has exerted a very positive effect in both meeting and beating deadlines and improving bottom line performance.”

Kleinhans adds that the new additions will fill an important niche in the illumination market as it is now possible to effectively light smaller working areas at entry level prices.

The lightweight TF5.5 packs four 500W halogen floodlights mounted on a telescopic mast extendable to a height of 5.5 metres. The securely mounted tripod unit has the ability to illuminate an area of 625m² (20 lux average) using either genset or mains power. Boasting an all up weight of only 64 kilograms, the easily transported TF5.5 is a classic ‘plug in and play product’ that can be used when and where circumstances or possible emergencies dictate.

The larger generator powered TowerLight ML-5 features four 400W metal halide lamps that are capable of lighting an area of up to 1,600m² (20 lux average). Its fuel efficient motor has the capacity to operate non-stop for 30 hours on a mere 20 litres of diesel so operating costs are minimal in relation to gains offered in terms of productivity. Once it is located on site, the ML-5 is highly manoeuvrable as the integrated product complete with 5.5 meter lighting mast, is mounted on a wheeled chassis.

Kleinhans says the sheer number of enquiries received for TowerLight products has prompted Pilot Crushtec International to install a demonstration range of the entire fleet at its Jet Park premises.

“Every TowerLight customer has reported major gains in operating efficiencies thanks to increases in output and savings in downtime. In the past, many operators preferred not to work at night as major breakdowns or safety incidents occurred in the dark. TowerLight systems allow for ease of constant supervision irrespective of the time of day or prevailing weather conditions.

Specifications at a glance:



  • 5.5 metre tower height
  • Four x 500W halogen floodlights
  • Telescopic mast with manual winch and autobraking system
  • Certified stable in winds of up to 80kph
  • Adjustable tripod to aid stability
  • Capable of illuminating an area of up to 625m²


  • 5.5 metre tower height
  • Four x 400 metal halide floodlights
  • Telescopic mast with manual winch and auto-braking system
  • Yanmar diesel engine delivering 5,8HP @ 3,000rpm
  • 20 litre fuel tank
  • Certified stable in winds of up to 80kph
  • Wheeled chassis with wide angle steering and safety brake