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Crushtec Chronicle – Sandvik UH312 delivers one-stop solutions in Tanzania

We recently supplied another one of our versatile Sandvik UH312 wheeled crushing and screening units to a quarry in Tanzania. The sale was made in response to the customer’s need for a highly mobile piece of equipment capable of delivering multi-product crushing and screening solutions.

Chief executive Sandro Scherf explains just how the Sandvik’s northern hemisphere technology provides an excellent fit for operating conditions on a site located 150 kilometres from Dar es Salaam.

“Wheel-mounted equipment, especially that of Scandinavian origin, has traditionally been popular in east Africa, a preference dating back to colonial times. The machines are easy to transport and have become a local byword for reliability and productivity.”

The UH312 is being used by first-time customer Maseyu Quarries to process granite for construction and cement production. Ease of mobility is essential in this application, as while end users are based at the coast, granite of a suitable quality can only be found a significant distance inland.

The self-contained product is a secondary crushing unit consisting of a CS86 four-deck vibrating screen and a CH440 high capacity crusher which, according to Sandro, has made a perfect match with the quarry’s existing equipment.

“The primary crushing function is carried out by the company’s existing wheeled jaw crusher while material is first transported to a surge pile from which it is then routed to the UH312’s screen.

Oversize material is fed into the cone crusher through a choice of three different entry points and is then returned by conveyor back to the screen. Principle demand is currently for -30mm+20mm and -20mm+10mm products, however smaller sizes can be accommodated.”

The entire materials handling element of the plant is facilitated by Pilot Crushtec International products, including a pan feeder, a CP36 magnet, a feed hopper, five MC800 20-metre conveyors and a single Pilot Modular MC1200 25 metre conveyor.

“A significant upsurge in demand from our customers meant we had to raise output up to around 250 (tph) per hour,” says owner Nestory Mtega.

“We decided that the best way forward was to look at sourcing new equipment and our request for a quotation from Pilot Crushtec International was responded to within a couple of hours. This was in marked to contrast to other suppliers who made us wait weeks for the information we needed.”

Nestory in the meantime took the opportunity to inspect a similar product used by a major civils contractor in Dar es Salaam. The operator’s favourable comments combined with his past experience in using hydro cone technology convinced him to opt for the Sandvik’s quality in order to secure a long term sustainable means of production. Comparisons also revealed that the UH312 was very competitively priced.

“The Sandvik UH312 has taken us up to a new level of aggregate production which will enable us to keep growing and service our target market which is primarily large  construction companies based in Dar es Salaam,” says Nestory.


Technical features at a glance:

  • CS86 four-deck vibrating screen
  • CH440 hydro cone crusher
  • Maximum feed size to crusher: 215mm
  • Maximum feed size to screen (gravel): 150mm
  • Maximum feed size to screen: 120mm
  • Capacity (up to) 300tph
  • Capable of producing four different products
  • Compact design ensures ease of access to all essential equipment
  • Three different feed points into the cone crusher
  • Onboard self-contained electrical switch gear cabinet
  • Emergency stop buttons at all strategic positions