Crushtec Chronicle – Reliance Compost makes waste a paying proposition

Recycling has long been championed in the United States and Europe for a number of very persuasive reasons. The reuse of waste materials to offset the depletion of natural resources, the protection of a pristine environment and the energy savings that can be garnered through the use of recycling techniques immediately come to mind.

While the reclamation movement in South Africa lags behind its overseas counterparts, local operators have discovered that recycling not only benefits the planet but brings with it a host of business opportunities.

Cape Town recycling specialist Reliance Compost is making extensive use of equipment supplied by Pilot Crushtec International in a business that over the past 15 years has grown to become one of the largest compost producers in the Western Cape.

Reliance director Eddie Redelinghuys estimates that his company has recovered more than 12 million cubic metres of green waste from the region’s landfills for conversion into 100% organic compost.

Considering the fact that this business alone provides full-time employment for more than 200 people, this is an industry that has to be taken seriously.

Eddie, who is also a well-respected producer of organically-grown table grapes, recently invested in two of our mainstream products – a Sandvik QA331mobile tracked screen accompanied by a Rubble Master RM70 GO! horizontal shaft impact crusher. The highly productive Sandvik augments his existing screens producing compost purchased from us previously, while the crusher processes building rubble, a major departure for the Boland-based company.

“Apart from dealing with green waste for the Cape Town Municipality, we remove large volumes of building rubble from several dumps around the city. We needed a product that was easily transportable and environmentally friendly as we often work close to residential areas.”

Our national sales manager, Nicolan Govender, explains that the Rubble Master RM70GO! was the obvious solution as it was specifically designed to operate within the cramped confines of northern hemisphere building sites.

“The Rubble Master is fully compliant with Europe’s stringent health and safety regulations and its remote control facility is absolutely essential for Reliance’s specific application.”

The machine has more than met expectations, proving to be compact, productive and, as Eddie says, ‘as manoeuvrable as a front-end loader’.

As a company, we believe that recycling will play an ever-growing role in our economy, a view which is shared by Eddie.

“In time people will see the advantages of crushing rubble on site to be fed back into construction projects as a cheap and plentiful source of filler material. Apart from the needless expense of trucking waste material, landfills in the Western Cape have almost reached saturation point.”