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Crushtec Chronicle – Pilot Talk 2017

We are thrilled to once again get our Crushtec Chronicle back into circulation after the challenges of the past 3 years caused a shift in priorities, from building to survival.

The ancient quote that “the only constant in life is change” could not be more appropriate for modern mankind and the current times. Business disruptors, political changes, booming and crashing industries and the daily changes, we especially here in South Africa, have to deal with make our days interesting, challenging, stressful and uncertain. Never a dull moment.

In Pilot Crushtec’s 27th year of business, the biggest change has been our very welcomed partnership with Metso, the world leader in our industry. Although the timing of this was not perfect, the opportunity to partner with the world’s best products made our decision process very simple and very fast. Whilst this change has caused some challenges for our customers, the benefits already experienced by both ourselves and our customers has far outweighed the challenges. The market reaction has been phenomenal and after just one year into our partnership, we take pride in the positive feedback from all our existing and new customers.

We continue to adapt and evolve and are very confident that our mission statement of Best Sales Experience, Best Products and Legendary After Sales Support is being witnessed on a daily basis.

Thanks to our staff, Metso and our fantastic existing and new customers, we experienced satisfactory growth in our past financial year and based on the first months of this year, we expect to grow at a faster rate in 2017/2018.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationships and look forward to featuring your Metso successes in future editions.