Crushtec Chronicle – Pilot Premio Loyalty Programme adds value to relationships

The Pilot Premio Loyalty Programme has received an enthusiastic response from the South African crushing and screening industry. The incentive programme, officially launched on Wednesday, 1 October, gives customers the opportunity to accumulate valuable Premio points with every Pilot Crushtec International purchase.

‘Premio’ is Italian for ‘‘reward’ or ‘prize’ and is a great description for an innovation that ensures both parties come out happy winners in a mutually-beneficial business relationship.

“We’re known for doing things differently and devised the programme to provide a way of recognising our customers’ loyalty and encouraging the growth of long term associations,” says CEO Sandro Scherf.

“Rewards programmes are common in the retail industry and we saw no reason not to apply the principle in an industrial environment where the rewards are proportionately much greater and certainly more tangible to the end user,” he adds.

In its initial phase, Pilot Premio is eligible only to South African customers who are VAT registered   and maintain accounts in good standing. Applications are available from the accounts department and once the formalities have been concluded, buyers are able to earn Premio points at the rate of one point for each R100 spent on products, spare parts and labour.

Premio points can also be earned at the handsome rate of 1.5 points per R100 on accounts settled within 30 days from date of statement.

Under the rules of the programme, points may not be redeemed for cash but can be used to pay for products, spare parts, services and labour.

Legal, financial and administrative constraints presently limit participation to local customers, but Sandro makes it clear that the programme will reflect changes in legislation and business best practices.

“To set up and implement Pilot Premio has in itself been a complex exercise. We brought in specialised consultants who worked with the marketing team and our own IT professionals to deliver an effective and sustainable administration framework.”

The hard work has certainly paid off as director sales Graham Kleinhans and his team have experienced an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the bulk mail introduction of Pilot Premio on launch day.

This, according to Graham, is proof positive that Pilot Crushtec International has once again read and responded to market needs.

“Premio is tailor-made for our customers who are in the crushing and screening business for the long haul. Serious industry players have already told us how Pilot Premio will not only add value to their operations but further strengthen our working relationships.”