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Crushtec Chronicle – Introducing the versatile DynamiTrac TDH6118 – the high output screening solution

The DynamiTrac TDH6118 signifies one of the most exciting developments to come out of Pilot Crushtec International. Designed and built entirely in-house, it represents a new generation of high output screen technology.

The project originated 12 months ago, when our sales development team identified the pressing need for a robust and reliable mobile screen that would deliver high volumes of fines and aggregates at the lowest possible cost per tonne.

Following an intensive research and development programme, the DynamiTrac project has culminated in the creation of a track-mounted, self-driven, triple shaft, triple deck horizontal screen capable of combining high volume output with multi-product versatility.

CEO Sandro Scherf explains the rationale behind the introduction of this ground-breaking new product:

“Markets in the mining and construction industries have become even more competitive as a result of current economic conditions which are unlikely to change in the short term. This means that there is an even greater need for cost competitiveness, an attribute the DynamiTrac TDH6118 has been designed to deliver.”

The new product is destined for both domestic and export markets.

“On the one hand, the DynamiTrac acts as an import replacement, providing local operators with a homegrown solution for the cost effective production of high quality aggregate. Alternatively, it is competitively poised to deliver these efficiencies to a variety of export markets, an advantage to be gained from the likelihood of our exchange rate remaining at current levels.”

The DynamiTrac TDH6118 is without a doubt the largest machine ever to be built at our Jet Park factory, and is scheduled to go into production in the last quarter of the year. In the meantime, a prototype is undergoing one of the most strenuous test programmes to which any of our projects has been subjected.

The machine is currently paying its dues at a quarry in Ventersburg, approximately 180km north of Bloemfontein, where it is undergoing a 2,000-hour pre-production reliability test.

The site is a SANRAL quarry which is currently serving no fewer than five separate road renovation projects. Danoher Contracting, which is managing the operation, has been entrusted with the task of putting the new product through its paces and director Royden Webster is impressed with the DynamiTrac’s performance.

“Even at this early stage we rate it as a very capable machine, highly productive and also easy to operate. We’re taking things cautiously at present, operating at around 150 tonnes per hour, but estimate that it could be capable of delivering as much as three times that amount.”

Royden adds that for a brand-new machine the screening efficiency is excellent. The DynamiTrac is simultaneously producing four different sizes of material, ranging from fines to oversize and is getting each product right first time without any need for rehandling.

Danoher site manager Divan Swanepoel is also upbeat about working with the TD6118.

“One of the standout features is its good engineering, especially the design of the engine bay. The room available allows for easy access to the power plant for inspections and routine maintenance which is a major benefit when working on site.”

Pilot Crushtec International’s director technical and customer support, Jorge Abelho, reports that the DynamiTrac has already completed a trouble-free 1300 hours.

“During this time we completed routine 250-hour services in which the screen only needed minor adjustments while Volvo came on site and downloaded data which showed that the engine was in perfect working order. In addition, a number of our engineers ran their own checks on specific aspects of the machine and were satisfied that it is performing exactly to design specification.”

Engineers were also on site during the commissioning process which included manoeuvring the TDH6118 into Danoher’s production train. Key learnings from this process showed that despite its size, the track-mounted remote-controlled screen is relatively easy to direct. It is also inherently very stable with a low centre of gravity allowing it to safely negotiate relatively steep gradients.

Major features:

  • Locally-produced triple shaft, triple deck screen ideal for the production of high quality fines and aggregates
  • Output in excess of 350 tonnes per hour
  • Ease of access to all major components and working parts
  • Simple electronics incorporating safety alarm before each function starts
  • Four product conveyors, each with a stockpile height of 3.9metres
  • Track mounted with hand held remote control
  • Volvo TAD542VE tier 3 power unit 160kW@ 2,300rpm 1500l capacity tank
  • Hydraulic systems include failsafe interlocks and variable product conveyor speeds
  • 24VDC electrical engine system with failsafe emergency stop control
  • 10 second delay start and siren for all functions
  • Estimated weight 48,000 kgs