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Pilot Crushtec’s modular range makes sense in an ever changing business environment

Pilot Crushtec, proudly South African supplier of crushing, screening and materials handling solutions, has embraced the concept of simplification and ease of use, offering a range of modular solutions that cater to almost every eventuality in the sector. Here’s 5 reasons why you should be considering modular equipment solutions for your crushing, screening and processing plant operations.

1. Cost Savings:

There are a number of areas where costs can be minimised and effective use of capital is maximised. Firstly, most of the required units are built-for-stock in the Pilot Crushtec factory. This means they are manufactured in a controlled environment, under strict supervision, to exacting standards which will, of course, reduce labour and material costs. Secondly, and most importantly, the entire range has already been designed, manufactured and tested – meaning you won’t incur exorbitant design and engineering costs to design a bespoke plant. Moreover, you are able to purchase what you need, when you need it, to cater to the varying nature of the process.

2. Setup Time:

Manufacturing modules at a central area means no delays in manufacturing. All modules can be manufactured simultaneously and sent to site for assembly once completed. Once on site the modules are slotted into the process line with minimal effort. This is just one of the major time saving benefits of the modular principle – modular components do not require major welding on-site and are pre-assembled at the factory, meaning that when they arrive on-site, it’s fast and efficient to setup and begin operations.

3. Convenience:

The modular concept makes it extremely convenient for clients to plan, design and simulate plant operations. With the help of over 30 years of experience in the industry, the modular approach to plant operations takes away much of the guess work and ensures that the entire process is planned properly to deliver predictable and accurate, real-world results. The modular components slot together simply and no bespoke design work is required to ensure that different modules fit together properly to suit your process.

4. Quality assurance

With the modules being made under cover at Pilot Crushtec’s state of the art facility, all parts of the production process are continually monitored, tested and approved by the engineering and inspection staff. Coupled to this, manufacturing in a factory setting ensures perfect conditions all the time and assurance that all parts and specialised labour are available at all times. This is in line with their zero-defect policies on machines leaving the premises.

5. Growing Production Volumes

A growth in production demands for a plant would usually require a major overhaul and re-design of a crushing and screening plant. Not with the modular concept. Simply include additional components to your existing plant operations, to scale up operations and increase the ability to process higher volumes of materials, or to change specifications on end products by adding in different components. All modules are designed and come complete and ready to run