¬ęBack Tecon T15 Crushpactor

The Tecon Crushpactor or gridroller is a tow-behind, rugged machine that simultaneously and rapidly crushes and compacts a wide variety of borrow-pit rock, aggregate and sand. It is ideal for compacting sub-base and base course layers in road construction, rock surfacing of dirt roads, preparation of layers of asphalt roads, and compacting earth fills.

Machine Specifications
Compaction Width : 2m
Machine Weight : 15 500kg ballasted

At A Glance
  • A bolt together modular chassis for easy replacement of any component
  • Heavy duty bolt together roller cone and wheel assembly with the grid surface simulating woven mesh and is fabricated using hard wearing steel
  • Four bearing shaft assembly with grease lubrication system
  • Heavy duty drawbar can be offset by 360mm to either side
  • Four removable fabricated steel ballast boxes
  • Internal cone scraper and external adjustable grid scraper to clear packed material

Detailed Description
The Tecon T15 Crushpactor combines massive rugged construction with high precision. It is designed for the toughest roadwork encountered on any continent and its features ensure long service with the minimum of maintenance. The Crushpactor increases contractors profit by simultaneously and rapidly crushing and compacting a wide variety of aggregates.
The Tecon T15 Crushpactor or gridroller can crush and compact aggregates between 100mm and 200mm in depth at base and sub-base levels. It is designed for ease of operation, durability and extreme operating conditions. It provides a cost effective solution for manufacturing compacted layers without the need for crushed and pre-sized materials.


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