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How to Change Jaw LinersCreated: 2017-04-26

Metso conducts extensive research into liner materials and profiles in an effort to constantly improve jaw liner life whilst maintaining maximum productivity.

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Setting up your mobile machineCreated: 2016-01-28

The setup of a mobile crusher is the first and most important step before starting your crushing operation. Incorrect setup is unsafe and can cause extensive damage to your mobile crusher. A crusher that is not setup correctly, will vibrate excessively and is prone to cracking in the chassis, walkways, handrails and guards. The excessive vibration also causes damage to the crusher mounting pads as well as electrical components. All of this causes unnecessary downtime and expensive repair bills.

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Why is the correct speed on your vibrating screen important?Created: 2015-09-22

Vibratory screens on mobile machines have very specific design criteria. These include screen angle, G-forces and operating speed. Screen angles play a lesser role as you can adjust the angle based on the application at hand.

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Why is a belt scraper important?Created: 2015-06-24

A belt scraper is a vitally important component of a conveyor belt system that is often overlooked and neglected.


The primary purpose of the belt scraper is to prevent material carry back on the conveyor belt.  By reducing material carry back, the conveyors can run more efficiently by having fewer breakdowns and lower running costs. Efficient and correctly adjusted belt scrapers save the plant operator money.

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Why is the correct tensioning of end tensioned screen meshes so important?Created: 2015-06-08

Ensuring your machine has the correct end tension will ensure a long mesh and machine life. Incorrect tension will cause premature mesh failure and possible screen cracks.

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The Importance of Choke Feeding a Cone Crusher Created: 2015-03-18

It is very important to choke feed your cone crusher to ensure even liner wear and thereby extending the life of the liners. This will also ensure that the machine will run smoother and increase your quality of product and production rate. 

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Checking the Spider Bushing on the Sandvik Cones - CH420, CH430 & CH440 Created: 2014-11-06

What is the spider bushing?


The Spider bushing is located at in the top shell and is responsible for supporting the top of the main shaft.


The figure below shows a section view of the crusher and an ISO section of the cone body. The support from the spider bushing and inner eccentric can be observed.

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Maintaining Correct V-Belt Tensioning on Rubble Master CrushersCreated: 2014-10-10

Importance of maintaining the correct v-belt tensioning:

Too high a v-belt tension will overload the generator bearings and cause a major generator failure which will be costly to repair.


Too low a v-belt tension can allow v-belt slippage which will damage the v-belt as well as the pulleys resulting in avoidable downtime.

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How to prolong the lifespan of your VSI Crusher Bearings Created: 2014-09-17

To ensure prolonged lifespan of your VSI crusher bearings, regular lubrication with the correct grease volume and grease type is essential. All bearing cartridges are designed with a bottom bearing to withstand V-Belt tension, a top bearing to absorb the rotor centrifugal forces and counter V-Belt tension, and a top grease labyrinth to purge foreign material and prevent any dirt ingress into the bearing cartridge.

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Sandvik Mobile Jaw Crusher Closed Side Setting (CSS) range and measurementCreated: 2014-08-05

What is the difference between Closed Side Setting and Open Side Setting?

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Getting the most out of your Jaw CrusherCreated: 2014-07-07
When should you change a Jaw Liner?
Why should you change a Jaw Liner?
How do you extending the life of jaw liners?
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Tensioning crawler tracks on mobile machinesCreated: 2014-06-30

In order to ensure that tracks last the life time of your machine, they need to be correctly maintained.  Not having the correct track tension can cause the tracks to climb off the sprockets and this is a major job to fit again.  


Loose tracks can result in damage to the rollers, idlers or track sprockets which will lead to unnecessary expenses and loss in your production.  

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Safety MeasuresCreated: 2014-05-27

Below are a few tips to help you.

  • Inspect the engine for potential hazards such as hazardous exhaust gas leaks, fuel and oil leaks, or the cooling fan not protected with a safety guard
  • Ensure that all protective guards and covers are in place
  • Inspect the cooling system hoses for cracks and loose clamps. Ensure that the coolant level is correct
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Back to BasicsCreated: 2014-04-15

Pilot Crushtec’s technical Help Desk’s recommended basic checklist for hydraulic troubleshooting:

1.       Check hydraulic oil level and oil appearance -this should be clear with no particles.
2.       Check hydraulic return filters - ask the question: when last were these items replaced. Hydraulic return filters should be changed every 250 engine hours.

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