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Metso's Research & Development gives you the competitive advantage over the rest

Minimising operating costs is a common target for most businesses today.  To achieve higher profitability, lower operating costs and improved safety, shutdowns need to be kept to a minimum.



Why compromise on the functionality and production of your Metso by using Non-OEM parts


Metso designed your crusher

Metso knows the functional parameters, mechanics, kinematics and forces which the machine is subject to in operation.  Without this data, it’s impossible to design parts that fit and provide maximum performance.


Quality is more than just a shiny surface

Metso has established a unique manufacturing process control in which they continuously monitor and develop manganese castings.


From the selection of the Raw material used in the casting to the controlled cooling process, every step has been developed to achieve the maximum benefit of each Metso Liner that is being used


The cost per ton counts

Longer lifetime of wear parts directly reduces the cost per ton.  To maximise production, you need to ensure your crushers uptime is maximised


Your crushing process is unique

Metso has the expertise to select both the chamber and material to fit the specific needs of your process.  The right wear profile not only improves crusher performance, but it also extends the lifetime of the wear parts and the crusher components.


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