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Crushers are typically used for primary, secondary and tertiary applications in the field of quarrying, mining, recycling, infrastructure and construction. For those working in any one of these industries, top quality machinery like stone crushers and cone crushers are essential for crushing anything from coal, aggregate and sand to mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel. 

Many of these impressive crushers feature throughput capacities of between 10 and 700 tons per hour and feed sizes of up to 1 000mm. The incredible output and competence offered by such machinery, work to increase efficiency in the industry and meet the ambitious requirements and deadlines of contractors and miners.  

Apart from the requirements of contractors and miners, there is a large demand for processed materials on both a local and international level. For this reason, fully mobile and semi-mobile crushing solutions are a vital, sought after commodity.

Mobile Solutions

The best mobile solutions ensure that customers generate their income on a quick and immediate basis. Ready-to-run crushers with instant set-up time and diesel-driven functionality are a worthy investment as they provide a cost-effective solution by saving on installation costs, time and power supply.

The TwisterTrac VS350 is the perfect example of a prime crushing solution. Fully mobile with diesel hydraulics and remote-control functionality, the TwisterTrac is built for mobility and is used all over the world in aggregate, industrial milling, recycling and mineral processing applications.

Semi-mobile Solutions

Semi-mobile crushing solutions are comprised of standard, heavy-duty crushers mounted on skid-frames. Without the need for a concrete foundation, these scalable crushers are designed for rapid installation, integration and reconfiguration, allowing customers to grow their processing plant according to demand.  

A good example of a prime semi-mobile crushing solution is the Pilot Modular BR0605 Impact Crusher which is designed to suit applications like glass and rubble recycling, as well as ash, coal, clay brick and rock crushing operations. This crusher is electrically powered and skid-mounted, allowing for semi-mobile functionality and prime efficiency.   

Mobile and semi-mobile crushing solutions may be just the addition you need to improve the efficiency and output of your processing plant.  


CREDIT:  Pilot Crushtec


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