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The Dust Fighter mobile long-range dust suppression systems tailor-made for use in the mining, quarrying, construction and demolition industries.These will not only transform working conditions on site, but will assist operators in complying with impending legislation relating to dust control.
Dust Fighters suppress airborne material by spraying water in the form of fine mist across an extensive area. This range can extend as far as 50 metres and the unit oscillates through a radius of up to 335º, providing widespread coverage across working areas. What is truly impressive about this system is that it achieves its purpose without leaving a residue of puddles or muddy surfaces.
Not only do Dust Fighters provide an instant solution to an age-old problem, but they are simple and cheap to operate.They can be quickly set up on site and a remote control system removes the need for a full-time operator.
Standard features:
  • 25m cable with plugs
  • 2 wheel site tow running gear, jaw bar and jockey wheel
  • Forklift pockets
  • 2 height adjustable stabilisers
  • Quick connections
  • On board control panel
  • On baord water pump and pump for additive
  • 80 MESH inlet water filter and pre nozzle filter
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Phase inverter
  • Automatic oscillation system
  • Remote control


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